1. Restaurant & Bar Ogrody Wisła limited liability company under the name “Ogrody Wisła” based in Warsaw, at  Wioślarska 8 Street, here in after referred to as “Restaurant & Bar” is a private place and is represented exclusively by the Club’s management.
  2. The only special website of the restaurant is www.ogrodywisla. pl. The restaurant is not responsible for any information on other websites.
  3. Guests participating in events organized by the restaurant automatically accept these regulations and agree to free distribution of their image registered during events organized by the restaurant, both in static (photo) and dynamic (lm) form for marketing, promotional and information purposes of the restaurant. The consent is granted for an indefinite period of time and without territorial restrictions and covers all known fields of exploitation, in particular: display, reproduction, broadcasting and re-broadcasting and all other public and non-public communication of the recorded image, especially on the Internet, television (terrestrial, cable, satellite) or on billboards/posters. The premises are entitled to transfer this consent to their legal successor.
  4. Where a guest participates in an event sponsored by third parties or carried out by the restaurant on behalf of third parties, the guest, irrespective of the consent referred to in point 3, also agrees to the conditions set out in point 3 for the dissemination of his or her image recorded during the event by these third parties.
  5. The consent referred to in points 3 and 4 above also covers the dissemination of the image by other third parties in the framework of broadcasting and public performance of marketing materials, reposts and information concerning events.
  6. People participating in events organized by the restaurant are obliged to read these regulations. The purchase of a ticket, making a reservation and entering the restaurant is tantamount to its acceptance.
  7. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of the Guests, the restaurant reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who, by their appearance, clothing or behaviour, does not meet the standards applicable in the restaurant. This also applies to those who have posted special guest lists in writing or who have publicly available invitations or who have booked seats in restaurant.
  8. The “Selector” decides about the entrance to the restaurant. ” The “Selector” or the security staff of the restaurant have the right to refuse access to the restaurant without giving any reason.
  9. Persons under 21 years of age, without identity card, drunken or under the influence of other drugs and dressed inappropriately to the suggested dress code of the event will not be admitted to the restaurant. ” A “selector” or security guard has the right to identify a visitor to the restaurant in order to establish their identity and verify their age. The restaurant reserves the right to change the required minimum age limit.
  10. For safety reasons, the security staff of the restaurant have the right to refuse access to the restaurant if the number of people in the restaurant exceeds the maximum allowed number of people allowed to stay in the restaurant.
  11. People staying in the restaurant are obliged to follow the recommendations of the restaurant’ employees and security staff to ensure safety and order.
  12. It is forbidden to bring into the restaurant: food, drinks, drugs and other substances, the possession and distribution of which is prohibited by law, as well as fire and gas weapons, knives and other sharp objects, pyrotechnic products and fire hazardous materials, other objects that may pose a threat to the health or life of guests of the restaurant.
  13. The security guard has the right to search through the weight of bags, rucksacks and clothing. In case of refusal to submit to the above mentioned inspection, the restaurant reserves the right to refuse access to the restaurant.
  14. People behaving aggressively or posing a direct threat to other guests of the restaurant, their property and the property of the restaurant, in a state of alcohol intoxication, being under the influence of drugs and their conduct violating the regulations of the restaurant will be expelled from the restaurant.
  15. The restaurant reserves the right to cancel the organized event without giving any reason. Cancellation of the event does not entitle to any claims.
  16. The restaurant is not responsible for random happenings that may occur during the event, such as fire, evacuation ordered by the police and fire brigade, disaster, bombing alarm and will not be obliged to reimburse the tickets or to compensate for other claims related to the non-occurrence or interruption of the event for the above mentioned reasons.
  17. The time of closing the restaurant is determined by the Manager of the restaurant.
  18. The restaurant reserves the right to change the ticket price depending on the event.
  19. The fee for entering the restaurant is non-negotiable and is not refunded when leaving the restaurant. Ticket is disposable, it is forbidden to transfer the ticket to third parties.
  20. Information about seat reservations and the applicable price list can be obtained at: 535-770-800 and e-mail:
  21. The restaurant is monitored.
  22. Guests of the restaurant are obliged to strictly follow the indications and instructions of the restaurant’ operation and protection.
  23. In the case of a drastic breach of the rules of the restaurant security staff have the right to use the legal means to ensure immediate security on the restaurant.
  24. In the case of material damage to the restaurant, committing a misdemeanour or inappropriate behaviour, security staff have the right to take the perpetrator and immediately hand him over to the Police. The perpetrator of the damage to the restaurant is responsible for it, or the person responsible for her or him.
  25. People who damage the property of the restaurant are subject to material and criminal liability.
  26. It is forbidden to organize promotional actions, advertisements and money collections without the consent of the management of the restaurant.
  27. It is forbidden to use the equipment of the restaurant which is not compliant with the intended use, e. g. the tables, sofas or DJ equipment entering.
  28. It is forbidden to go outside the restaurant with objects being the property of the restaurant g. glasses, coolers, etc.
  29. The staff reserves the right to remove glasses, bottles and the like left in places where they may pose a danger to others.
  30. The restaurant will not be liable for damage to property or person in or on the restaurant adjacent to the restaurant.
  31. Smoking is prohibited in the restaurant, with the exception of specially marked and adapted smoking areas – the restaurant garden. People in these places voluntarily agree to be in tobacco smoke.
  32. Guests of the restaurant acknowledge that they may be exposed to continuous exposure to a soundstress that may cause hearing damage.
  33. The staff has the right to refuse to serve alcohol to a drunken person.
  34. According to a. 15. Point 2, employees of the restaurant are obliged to refuse to sell alcohol to a minor.
  35. The restaurant is not responsible for items left or lost in the restaurant.
  36. The above mentioned regulations are valid from 01. 01. 2020 until the date of their modification or cancellation.
  37. The content of these regulations is available on the website of the restaurant referred to in point 2 of the section and the reception of the restaurant.